The brand


GUARDEAN is a brand name of the SHS VIVEON group.


29.09.2015 Discovery Days 2015 - SHS VIVEON und C.I.C. Software GmbH informieren über die neuesten Trends und Herausforderungen für Finanzdienstleister


18.09.2015 SHS VIVEON launches Marketing & Sales Solutions


10.09.2015 Making sound decisions: SHS VIVEON helps Portuguese bank Banco Credibom optimise its application management


Professional Customer Risk and Credit Management

We develop software solutions for helping companies manage their credit and default risk optimally and quickly identify and tap their customers' potential.

This enables our customers to protect their liquidity even in economically difficult times, to react quickly to new market challenges and consistently optimise important key figures of their company.

GUARDEAN software integrates, simplifies and accelerates all risk-relevant customer processes in both the B2B and B2C segments. Among these processes are information retrieval and aggregation, application management, customer evaluation (scoring), debtor monitoring, and claims management.

GUARDEAN products are used by well-known companies, particularly in the areas of financial services, telecommunication, industry and trade.


25.08.2015 Automatisierte Bonitätsprüfung: EFL Autoleasing optimiert sein Antragsmanagement mit Unterstützung von SHS VIVEON


02.07.2015 SHS VIVEON and CIC entering partnership


18.05.2015 Effectively prevent fraud – with GUARDEAN RiskSuite risk management software and integration of the Deutsches Schutz Portal