SHS VIVEON welcomes its newest customer: UniCredit Family Financing Bank

Munich, August 10, 2011 – SHS VIVEON, solution provider for complete customer management systems, is supporting the UniCredit Family Financing Bank in its efforts to design and implement analytical approaches in customer management. The goal of the financial service provider is to establish a uniform customer management approach that optimally takes into account both customer potential and risk and that can address the needs of its customers more effectively in the future.

"The consulting company and solution supplier SHS VIVEON impressed us with its competent and uniform overall approach to the topic of customer management," explains Markus Kilb, General Manager  at the UniCredit Family Financing Bank. "Its long-term experience in this area and its reputation on the market as a reliable partner reinforced our decision to give SHS VIVEON an important role in the implementation of this project."

Stefan Gilmozzi, CEO of SHS VIVEON AG: "With UniCredit Family Financing Bank (UCFIN), a member of the UniCredit Group and therefore one of the largest financial service suppliers in Europe, we have acquired a strategically important customer in the field of financial services that has recognized the great potential of an integrated customer management approach by converging customer potential and risk."

Thomas Hamele, Head of Business Consulting Banks at SHS VIVEON adds: "We are looking forward using our analytical know-how to support UCFIN in creating a more in-depth customer understanding. This will enable the company to make better offers tailored to its customers, better exploit success potentials in the future, and thereby distinguish itself from its customers."


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