E-Plus Group improves real-time customer dialog using real-time decisioning with the help of customer management expertise from SHS VIVEON

Munich, June 9, 2010 - SHS VIVEON, solution provider for complete customer management helps cell phone provider E-Plus optimize its customer contact strategy in the area of contract extensions. The focus of the project is to set up a real-time customer dialog. Its goal is to provide outstanding customer support in making decisions during the sensitive contract extension period by means of a special customized and needs-based dialog.

The E-Plus Group, Germany's third largest cell phone provider with more than 19 million customers, intends to offer its clients even better contract extension packages tailored specifically to their needs in the future. This phase of the customer relationship requires a special sensitivity with regard to the requests and needs of the customer because the risk of the customer switching to a different provider is particularly high. That is why the goal of the E-Plus Group is to be appropriately prepared in order to take advantage of this time to offer the customer the most attractive package while also taking into account his/her preferences.

To be able to consistently respond adequately in this and other customer contact situations, E-Plus has decided to introduce real-time decisioning. On the basis of all information on hand at the time of customer contact, this will enable customer preferences, potentials, and needs for action to be determined and provided in the form of concrete recommendations and packages in real-time. This means that during the dialog with the customer, the E-Plus employees in the shop or in the call center can recommend the packages and products that best meet the customer's needs. To prepare the necessary analytical basis as well as the drafting the resulting recommendations, the E-Plus Group will be supported, among others, by the business and IT consulting company SHS VIVEON.

"A majority of the interactions between companies and the customers take place in real-time. A special challenge for companies is taking into account the current situation, the preferences and the previous contact history of the customer during the customer dialog," explains Stefan Gilmozzi, CEO of SHS VIVEON AG. "Our experience shows that there are still many companies that can take advantage of the potential in this area. With our customer management expertise, we help companies introduce real-time decisioning and conduct an authentic dialog with their customers to make them stand out considerably from the competition."


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